Irrigation System

Maintaining an irrigation system that works efficiently by having timely inspections and adjustments is essential to a healthy lawn and landscape.
Over time irrigation systems will become inefficient, sprinkler coverage will change, heads will crack or break and even pipes will become damaged. This becomes costly in water waste, but also affects the condition of your lawn and landscape.

Included in our irrigation inspection

  • We operate each zone and adjust heads to maximize efficiency.
  • Verify that zone pressure is correct.
  • Observe system to make sure no leaks are occurring
  • Check each sprinkler head for seal leaks and clogged nozzle.
  • Test and check the rain sensor. A working rain sensor is required by Florida statute 373.62.
  • Check controller programing and adjust as needed, or per your request.
  • Replace broken/ damaged heads.
  • Make recommendations if your system needs anything upgraded/ added.

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