Sod Renovation

Types of Grass

  • Floratam (Saint Augustine): most commonly used variety of grass that’s best suited for sunny Florida lawns.
  • Palmetto (Saint Augustine): variety well suited to partial sun and partial shade.
  • Icon/ Emerald/ Empire (Zoysia): Icon is the variety we typically use, but also offer Emerald and Empire.
  • Bermuda: With several varieties to choose from, Bermuda grass is most often used on athletic fields, but is becoming more common for residential and commercial lawns due to it’s tolerance to wear.

The Process

  • A representative from our company will visit the property and get accurate measurements.
  • Select the grass best suited for you and your property – we offer many options.
  • The old vegetation is removed and the surface is prepped.
  • The irrigation system is checked if needed.
  • The new sod is installed.
  • We then provide you with mowing/ watering recommendations for your grass type/ lawn conditions/ time of the year so that you sod can root.
  • Lastly we re-inspect in a couple weeks to ensure the sod is taking the best it can.

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